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Veteran award-winning singer/songwriter Jel Tyson has released his first recording (CD) in a decade, "Bleeding Hearts" on the independent label Lightning Ridge Records. The twelve song CD is a compilation of unique style, mixing 60's pop and country, with Celtic influences, a blend some have referred to as "Anglo Country".

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"Bleeding Hearts" reflects his varied, but strong interest in a very unique mixture of sounds stemming from his heritage, and the musical icons he began listening to as a kid, including Hank Williams Sr., Buddy Holly, and The Beatles. The Irish Celtic influence is definitely a part of his music today, serving as an emotional and motivational force in his songwriting.

"Bleeding Hearts" features Tyson's strong talents for blending up-tempo songs with softer ballads, best displayed in cut number one-"She's got my ring", and cut number two-"Juliet". Each song was written by Tyson, he also performed lead vocal, mandolin, bass, electric and acoustic guitar playing, also co-producing the recordings.  

"My musical journey has certainly turned down many paths all leading to some of my finest work featured on my  CD "Bleeding Hearts".



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